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Pro Audio DJ Sound Equipment

Nothing but genuine "Pro Audio" DJ sound equipment

Unfortunately FAR TOO MANY Melbourne mobile DJ hire companies cut ALL SORTS of corners. One of the major areas corners get cut is in the QUALITY of the sound equipment. They ALL want to spend the LEAST AMOUNT THEY POSSIBLY CAN on the pathetic toys that THEY call a disco system. So nearly ALL mobile disco companies save themselves MANY THOUSANDS of dollars by only providing the very cheapest amplifiers, CD players, & speakers in their disco systems - some even go as far as to just use "home stereo" type gear, instead of proper "pro-audio" genuine "nightclub standard" disco equipment like all pubs/bars/clubs have (and like we provide). At least two fairly big mobile disco hire companies in Melbourne only provide little old Discman or Walkman type CD players - like people used to take out jogging or walking the dog before the I-Pod came along! Surely that is bordering on fraud! Shouldn't any organisation calling itself a disco hire company actually provide NOTHING BUT genuine disco equipment - EXACTLY the SAME makes and models as you would find in the most popular pubs, bars & night clubs? Sadly however, MOST of them DON'T!


THEN there are many Melbourne DJ hire companies having the absolute cheek to send their so-called DJs out with nothing but some mp3s in a laptop computer!! WHAT A JOKE! You would NEVER, EVER see a DJ in any of the bigger nightclubs or other similar venues playing mp3s from a laptop. That is NOT being a DJ in ANY way, shape or form! Plus mp3s are a VERY POOR quality sound source as well. Mp3s were invented for portability, and they are quite old technology having been invented in the mid 90's when Hard Drives were very small. Mp3s were only EVER meant to be played thru small portable devices NOT thru big 35kg timber DJ speakers like we provide. Even some car stereos are good enough to hear the sound deficiencies in mp3s - flat, harsh, "hissy", and TOTALLY LACKING any warmth or depth.


So you really do need to CHECK VERY, VERY CAREFULLY - you need to make SURE that you know EXACTLY what every Melbourne DJ hire company provides BEFORE you book. You don't want any NASTY SURPRISES when some really disappointing little "toy" system turns up at YOUR function!!


One KEY thing to be VERY CAREFUL about is that even with DJ hire companies who do supply "pro-audio" CD players and mixer, NEARLY ALL OF THEM are not providing "pro audio" DJ speakers in TIMBER cabinets. Instead they supply MUCH lighter (under 10kg), MUCH smaller (they would call them compact) speaker boxes which are PLASTIC, not timber. Melbourne mobile disco companies do this for two reasons - firstly they use plastic speakers because the cost factor is a HUGE bonus for them - since plastic speakers cost ONLY ONE THIRD as much as timber DJ speakers, PLUS these plastic speakers all have a built-in amplifier module, so not having to buy separate amplifiers also saves these disco companies a further $1,500 to $3,000 as well. So IN TOTAL, by using plastic speakers as well as not having to buy a separate amplifier, these disco companies spend over $5,000 LESS than the $6,000 to $6,500 we at Absolute Class Discos spend on our "full on" nightclub standard TIMBER cabinet DJ speakers and the highest quality "Yamaha" amplifiers we power them with.


The other reasons they use plastic speakers are for their own convenience - being SO MUCH LIGHTER, all plastic speakers are MUCH easier for their mobile DJs to carry into venues, plus being SO MUCH SMALLER they are much easier to fit into the back-seat of their cars. (NOTE: Our DJs DON'T use their cars. They all have one-ton vans, so they can fit in HEAPS more gear than a car can hold, which is a key factor in why our DJ disco systems are able to be SO MUCH BIGGER). Also, because all the cheap, lightweight plastic speaker cabinets other companies use do have a built-in amplifier module, then their DJ doesn't have to carry a separate, fairly bulky (and fairly heavy) DJ amplifier like our guys do. Unfortunately however, there is one HUGE, HUGE disadvantage to using these plastic speaker boxes. Their bass response is very poor, so consequently the vocals and other top-end sounds totally overpower the bottom-end sounds - which produces a very "tinny", harsh, hard sound overall, totally lacking ANY warmth or any genuine bass.


So with ANY Melbourne DJ hire company you get quotes from, make sure you ask the KEY question, "Do you provide DJ speakers in PLASTIC boxes, or TIMBER boxes?" You would NEVER go out to see a band at a pub and then find them using plastic speakers up on poles - NEVER - it just doesn't happen. They ALWAYS use large timber speakers in touch with the floor, to reproduce the bass and lower mid-range notes properly. And you would NEVER go out to a bar or club where you pay to see DJs playing every Fri, Sat & Sun and find that the venue had PLASTIC speakers. That NEVER happens either! Venue speakers are ALWAYS timber.  Those two FACTS are very clear INDEPENDENT PROOF for you the potential customer that using speakers in plastic cabinets is taking a HUGE short-cut - it's a VERY BIG compromise. As we said above, plastic speakers with their inbuilt amplifiers are THOUSANDS of dollars cheaper than buying speakers in TIMBER cabinets plus buying a separate amplifier - so since NEARLY ALL disco companies operate on the "near enough is good enough" principle, THAT'S WHY most disco companies only provide PLASTIC speakers - because it saves them SO MUCH money in outlay on their DJ equipment. It's also the reason why MANY of them now only provide an $800 to $1,000 laptop full of mp3s INSTEAD of providing about $4,500 worth of bar/club standard proper DJ CD players and DJ sound mixer like we do.


We make no apologies for being FANATICAL about our DJ sound equipment, so we will NEVER, EVER use plastic speakers OR laptops. Without the highest quality TIMBER DJ speakers (as well as the highest quality DJ amplifiers, DJ CD players & DJ mixers) then even your absolute all-time favourite songs (or your favourite brand new songs) just won't sound right - so OF COURSE you (& your guests) won't enjoy your function ANYWHERE NEAR as much. But because we are so fanatical about sound quality, we supply nothing but the absolute best - genuine "top-of-the-range" pro audio DJ disco equipment - EXACTLY the same brands & models of DJ amplifiers, DJ speakers, special DJ CD players, DJ mixers & DJ turntables as you would find in the BEST & most popular nightclubs, not just in Melbourne, but ANYWHERE in the world.

Quotes from customer testimonials about our "proper" Night Club DJ SOUND EQUIPMENT.

The sound was awesome - all my friends love R&B, which has lots of heavy bass, and at many of our friend's 21sts the DJs speakers just didn't cut it. But your speakers and all the rest of your equipment were just so much bigger and more impressive than any other systems we have seen. It was totally awesome.

{ 21st birthday Party DJ }


It (the mobile disco system) was just so much bigger & more impressive looking than any of the ones my friends had, & it didn't just LOOK better, it SOUNDED way better.

{ 21st birthday DJ}


The quality of the DJ sound system & the sensational lighting...created exactly the atmosphere you had promised...& we all danced around like teenagers

{ 50th birthday Party DJ }


Friends who have already had their parties wished they had known about your DJ company. Most of them just took the disco company recommended by their venue, which was a BIG, BIG mistake! Most of those DJs were crap and so was their DJ equipment - some of them had no DJ party lights at all and their whole DJ set-ups looked like a home stereo compared to your stuff.

{ 21st birthday DJ}


The sound and the lights were just superb.

{Wedding Reception Venue DJ }


I'm a mad clubber and I've got to say the full on bass and the very clear vocals your speakers put out were just fantastic. They made all the house tracks I requested sound just as good as any of the clubs we go to. At other friends 21sts I've noticed the sound has usually been pretty much crap, so even when the DJs were playing tracks I like, it just ruined them coz they didn't sound right.

{21st birthday DJ and mobile disco}


Very impressed with your DJ set-up - not just the disco lights, but the sound was awesome.

{ Engagement DJ hire }


Sensational party lights and sound

{ 21st birthday mobile disco }


The quality of the sound & the great variety of music helped make our daughter's special occasion a very enjoyable night. Her friends are still raving about it.

{21st birthday DJ hire in Melbourne}


The whole set up (sound equipment etc) was very professional & it made the party a great success.

{ 18th birthday party DJ }

The disco lights & sound were unreal.

{ 18th birthday DJ }


We were so impressed with I guess what you would call the depth and the clarity in the sound. It was as good as any city club. So were your lights. We will be using you again for sure!

{ Uni Ball for 500 guests }


You really did give me my own "portable nightclub" like you say in your brochure.

{ 21st birthday Dee Jay in Melb }


The DJing and the DJ sound equipment & disco lights were brilliant.

{ 18th birthday mobile DJ hire }


None of the other DJs we have had in the 7 years that I have been managing this store had anything like the quality of DJ sound equipment that you provided.

{ Corporate Xmas Party DJ hire }


And the sound quality of those big 15 inch timber DJ speaker boxes I helped him carry in was brilliant!

{ 18th birthday party }

Pioneer Pro DJ Logo






Pioneer DJ Mixers

We prefer to use Pioneer's DJM400, DJM600 and DJM3000 DJ mixers for their highest quality electronic components and their many features, including on-board effects. These DJ mixers retail for around $2,000 each. Some companies pay as little as $200 for their DJ mixers - so OF COURSE their sound quality will not be as good.

Pioneer DJ Mixers: Slide show

We also have Pioneer DJM300 mixers in several of our mobile consoles
Pioneer DJ CD Players

As with our DJ mixers, we also prefer Pioneer's range of DJ CD players. More nightclubs around the world (and here in Melbourne) use Pioneer DJ gear than ANY other brand.

DJs can mix on these DJ CD units just like they can using vinyl records.

Our DJ consoles feature the following ultra sophisticated "hi-tech" Pioneer ProDJ models:


Pioneer DJ CD Player
Technics SL1200 DJ Turntables

A few of our DJs still play off vinyl records, so we supply them with Technics SL1200Mk2 DJ turntables, which are THE acknowledged night club DJ turntable world-wide. There are several specialist DJ record stores in Melbourne (DMC Records in Sth Yarra, Platinum DJ Records in Richmond etc) where DJs can still buy all the latest DJ songs on vinyl.


Technics DJ LogoTechnics SL1200 DJ Turntable
Crown "Macrotech" DJ Amplifiers

These DJ amplifiers are acknowledged throughout the nightclub industry as the absolute best -
that's why we love using them.

We do not compromise on our Melbourne Mobile Disco DJ Hire Sound Systems -

No "short cuts" for us.


We also use a few of the very high quality Yamaha and Jands "pro audio" amplifiers.


Crown Macrotech DJ Amplifiers LogoCrown Macrotech DJ Amplifiers
EV 1503s Speakers

The typical DJ speakers provided with our DJ systems are a pair of EV (Electrovoice) model 1503s, which retail at about $3,700 per pair. These are large, high-powered 3-way boxes.

In a 3-way box each solid timber cabinet contains THREE separate speakers - our EV1503s have a horn/tweeter, a 6 inch mid-range speaker and a 15 inch bass speaker.

Most other DJ companies speakers are only 2-way boxes - so they only contain TWO speakers - a horn/tweeter and a bass speaker.

They do not contain a separate mid-range speaker like our 1503s do,so naturally they don't sound quite as good.

EV 1503s DJ Speakers LogoEV1503 DJ Speakers

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