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We have an absolutely HUGE range of music for YOU to choose from

We provide MUCH, MUCH more music info than ANY other mobile disco & DJ hire company in Melbourne. Our Music Request Book containing almost 100 A4 size pages of actual charts & lists is sent out to you as our STANDARD package, plus we also have HUGE extra amounts of music info available. In fact, we have nearly 100 EXTRA pages of charts & lists available as well! So if you are having some type of theme party then we can provide you with very detailed lists of ANY particular era, from 50's Rock & Roll, thru the Beatles era to 70's Glam Rock or Disco, then thru all the musical styles of the 80's - Euro Disco of the early 80's, New Romantic, New Wave, Punk, Detroit/Chicago House of the mid 80's onwards etc plus all the 80's Pop &"Classic Rock" & on to all the different styles of music of the 90's - Old School R&B, Pop, Rock, Alternative, Indie, Commercial Dance, all the big 90's Club tracks & so much more from ALL those eras

THEN, in addition to all that "retro" music info, our Music Request Book also includes all the charts/lists for the music of the past 13 years or so (2000 to now), BOTH radio hits as well as club hits of ALL musical types and styles, right through to even including for you the FOUR different singles charts ARIA produces every week. So you get THE CURRENT WEEK'S official ARIA Top 100 Singles Chart, The Top 40 Urban (R&B) Singles Chart, The Top 25 Dance Singles Chart as well as this week's ARIA Top 50 Club Tracks Chart - NOT ONE other company gives you these OFFICIAL (and therefore the most accurate) set of weekly charts.

Our company is the ONLY Melbourne mobile dj hire company to be provided with “promo” CDs of ALL the new singles from ALL the major record companies, as well as from the independent labels like Melbourne’s own “Vicious”. As a result, we even have music so new it hasn't even charted yet that you can ask us for - BOTH brand new "radio hits" type music as well the very latest club dance and R&B mixes from the UK, US & Europe.

Whatever the music style or music type, or whatever the era it is from, if you want it - WE'VE GOT IT! After all, the music is UNDOUBTEDLY the key to the success of ANY function, whether it's for younger guests, from Bar/Bat Mitzvahs (or even Primary School functions) right thru to 50th or 60th birthdays, & EVERY other function in between. So obviously the BIGGER & more DETAILED a company's music info package is, you the customer then get far more choices, which in turn means YOU then have much more control over what music gets played at your function.

For 60th and 70th birthdays and occasions like Golden Weddings, as well as to be able to provide music for all sorts of "theme nights" we have also built up a big company library of "Nostalgia" music of the 30's, 40's and early 50's - swing, big band, jazz etc and including all the so-called "crooners" - Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Perry Como, Dean Martin etc for those who ask us for some music from those eras. We wouldn't expect even our oldest DJs to own this sort of music so we have purchased it all to be able to loan any of that music to our DJs whenever needed. We even have music from the 20's in our library and recently used that music collection for a big corporate "1920's Gangster Theme" party for more than 500 guests at "Carousel" on Albert Park Lake for the large electricity company "Vic Electricity".

Some disco companies think everybody likes the same songs - but that is just SO wrong - EVERY group of people is different - we all have our own particular taste in music. Not only that, but surely it is YOUR ABSOLUTE RIGHT to choose the music YOU like, plus you know all your guests but our DJs don't, so you will obviously have a MUCH better idea of what they like than our DJ would so we want AND WELCOME your input.

That is why we provide SO MUCH MORE music info than ANY, repeat ANY other mobile disco company in Melbourne - as stated above, we provide almost 100 pages in our standard Music Request Book (plus we have nearly 100 EXTRA pages of ALL other musical types, styles & eras), which are available on request.


TO PROVE to you just HOW MUCH music we have for you to choose from, in addition to the HUGE main Music Library at the Moorabbin factory/warehouse (see photo at the top of this page) and which all my DJs regularly use to take whatever they might need for any particular function, there is also my VERY large personal DJ Music Library at my home. Here are some photos:

Photo #1: Here is the overall view as you stand in the doorway of my Music Room. There are shelves and racks and cases of CDs (and quite a few vinyl records) filling all four sides of the room.                                



Photo #2: A closer view of the work table in the middle of the room with two black cases containing about 300 "Best Of" & "Greatest Hits" albums from the most popular 70's & 80's artists. One case has its lid off, while the other one is closed.


Photo #3: Once you enter the Music Room, up against the wall to your left is this set of shelves. In the boxes at the top are various collections of music for a dozen or so different ethnic groups - Greek, Italian etc etc. (See close up below this photo). Under those boxes on that top shelf are collections of CDs of swing, jazz, "big band" and other "Nostalgia" type music from the mid 1920s thru to the late 1950's, plus more modern jazz/swing styles - Michael Buble, David Campbell, Norah Jones, and many more. There is also a collection of about 50 or 60 Xmas CDs in those shelves. Many of those are double CDs. The bottom 4 rows of these shelves contain various boxes of about 900 CD singles sorted by type & style etc.




Photo #4: Then as you move past that first set of shelves to your left, on the next wall is another set of shelves on top of a glass cabinet. On top of this set of shelves are about 70 Karaoke DVDs, but the rest of that set of shelves and the glass cabinet underneath contain almost 1,000 CD albums. At the very bottom of this photo in front of the glass cabinet are 2 more black cases, one large & one smaller case, containing a total of about 180 compilation CD albums of Top 100 hits for the 6 year period January 2000 to December 2005.


Photo #5: Then to the right of that glass cabinet is this next set of shelves. On top are 4 cases of CD albums - the 2 on the left contain about 170 CD albums from 1956 to 1963 (the Rock & Roll era) and the 2 on the right contain about 180 CD albums from 1964 to 1969 (the Beatles era), while all the other boxes in the 3 rows of shelves under those cases are full of over 1,000 CD singles.


Photo #6: Then along the next wall is a 2 meter trestle table with another 9 cases of CDs on top of it - 7 cases of CD albums and 2 cases of CD singles. There are 3 cases holding a total of about 240 individual artist CDs of the 90's to now - mostly "Greatest Hits" or "Best Of" collections, 2 cases with about 320 70's & 80's compilation albums, plus a case containing about 120 90's compilation CDs and a case containing about 40 soundtrack albums along with about 40 specifically "Rock" compilations of 70's & 80's rock hits. With the 2 cases of CD singles, one contains 300 of the most requested 90's Pop, Rock, & RnB singles, while the 2nd case contains about 230 Indie/Alternate CD singles from 1990 to now, PLUS all 20 of the Triple J Hottest Hits double CD albums.



 Photo #7: Under that trestle table are another 5 cases of CDs. 4 of them contain a total of around 1,100 RNB, Pop & Dance CD singles from 1990 to 1996, all with extended mixes & all sorted into BPM order from 67bpm thru to 160bpm. The 5th case is a specific "Weddings" case. It contains about 60 CD compilation albums of love songs & ballads suitable for Weddings and over 100 CD singles, also of love songs & ballads suitable for Weddings.


Photo #8: As you continue around the room, the 4th wall has a large set of shelves with the bottom two of its rows of shelves containing about 1,000 of my favourite vinyl LP albums from the mid 1950's to 1990 when they stopped making vinyl albums in Australia. Under the LPs are 5 crates of my absolute favourite 12 inch vinyl singles of the late 70's to now. A few of the promos I get from the record companies even today are on vinyl. All the 12 inch singles from about 1991 onwards were/are pressed overseas, so all the 12 inch vinyl singles I have got over the past 20 years or so are imported. All my MANY thousands of other LPs & 12 inch singles are kept in the main Music Library at the Moorabbin factory/warehouse. (See photo at the top of this page).  


Photo #9: Above those records are 3 more rows of shelves separated down the middle by a piece of timber. On the top shelf to the left of that timber divider are lots of boxed sets of CDs, then under those the next shelf contains another 50 or 60 Karaoke DVDs, plus the next shelf down contains about 90 Karaoke VCDs & CDG CDs. To the right of the dividing piece of timber on the top shelf are cartridges for our "Party Pack" 10 stacker CD players, and a couple of microphones & leads in boxes, then on the next 2 shelves are boxes of compilation CDs from Y2K to now - "So Fresh", "100% Hits", and the "Now" series plus "DJ only" series such as "Hot Hits" and SBA's "Radioactivity" series. There are also a couple of boxes of 90's "club" dance CD singles.


Photo #10: To the right of that biggest set of shelves is a chest of drawers with 7 drawers full of over 2,000 CD singles. On top of that chest of drawers is a set of shelves containing lots of microphones (several of them wireless/cordless) plus several microphone mixers and 4 or 5 sets of DJ headphones (see the second photo below).


So in my personal Music Room, apart from the HUGE amount of music you can see in all the shelves, racks, drawers etc, you can also see lots of cases of music. If you count up all the cases in the various different photos above you will see there is a total of TWENTY-TWO cases full of CDs in that Music Room. These are various different cases I take to gigs. They are sorted by music type, style, era etc - THEY HAVE TO BE - otherwise I would never be able to find anything!

Then there are NINE MORE CASES of the most frequently used CDs which are kept along the wall in my front hallway. So all up I have a total of THIRTY-ONE cases of CDs that are kept ready for ANY and all types of functions I might be called upon to do.

Which cases I take to each gig depends on the types, styles and eras of songs that the customer has chosen from our Music Request Book(s), so I never go to a gig with anything less than 5 or 6 of these cases of CDs! NOTE: ALL MY VERY EXPERIENCED PROFESSIONAL DJS KEEP THEIR PERSONAL CD COLLECTIONS IN CASES IN EXACTLY THE SAME WAY - sorted by music type, style, era etc, plus they all have some sort of Music Room in their homes as well, so with 17 or 18 DJs working for/with me you can imagine the absolutely HUGE pool of music we have between all of us for all our customers to choose from.

Photo #11: Here is a photo of those 9 most frequently used cases of CDs which are kept in the entry hall just inside my front door so they can be loaded into my van with the minimum amount of effort. These particular cases were originally made to hold "Technics SL1200" DJ turntables (record players). They have lids which clip on, so they can be completely removed, which is very handy for any DJ since he can then lay out these cases on a table behind him, and get at all his music easily without  the lids getting in the way.

Of these 9 cases, there are 2 cases each containing about 500 house & dance extended mixes - the first one is for Y2K to 2005, and the second case is from 2006 to now. Then there is a case of just over 500 RnB extended mixes, plus a case of the original extended mixes of about 500 classic 70's & 80's dance hits, such as "Love Shack", "I Will Survive", "I Love The Nightlife", all the Kylie & Madonna extended mixes etc etc. There is also a case of of about 450 remixes from the past 9 or 10 years of lots of 80's & early 90's hits with all the original vocals but given a more modern feel with a "beefed up" bassline etc. These are known in the industry as "retro remakes". Then there is a case of about 350 late 90's extended mixes of hits of 1997 to 1999, and a case of about 500 CD singles of hits from Y2K to now, plus a case containing over 200 compilation CD albums of Top 100 hits for the 6 and a bit years from January 2006 to now.  Finally there is a case labelled "Bits & Pieces" which contains all sorts of "party" hits - songs that get requested a lot. There are about 15 of the 5CD "101 Hits" sets - 101 Floorfillers, 101 Party Hits, 101 Aussie Hits, 101 60's Hits. 101 70's Hits, 101 80's Hits, 101 90's Hits, 101 00's Hits, 101 Summer Hits etc etc, plus lots of other compilation CDs of very popular tracks. There are also about 150 CD singles of the all-time biggest "party hits" - Oh Mickey, Footloose, Grease Megamix, Living On A Prayer, Summer Of 69, My Sharona etc etc


Photo #12: Upstairs in my rumpus room is my huge collection of over 4,000 7 inch 45rpm vinyl singles & EPs from 1956 up to to 1990 when all the major record companies stopped pressing vinyl records in Australia. Each of these plastic containers has 210 to 220 singles in it. The different colours of the plastic containers represent different eras - the red containers are mid 1950's to 1969, blue are 70's, pink are 80's & white is 1990, while the yellow container has several 7 inch vinyl singles from each of the most popular 70's & 80's artists - AC/DC, ABBA, Angels, Chisel, Aus Crawl, Queen, Police, Stones, Doors, Blondie and many more.

YES - with those 50's & 60's 7 inch vinyl singles, even the ones from 1969 are 43 years old, while those from the late 50's are from 53 to 56 years old now!!! So NO, of course I wasn't around to buy them myself at the time they came out - same with my 50's & 60's vinyl albums. I didn't start buying records myself until the mid 70's when I was maybe 9 or 10 years old. Most of my 50's, 60's & early 70's vinyl singles & albums came from my parents' collection. They were HUGE music lovers - my Father was a guitarist & singer and played in quite a few bands, while my Mother was a member of a local musical theatre group for many years. So I guess I got my love of music from them :) Also I have a brother who is 10 years older than me who was kind enough to give me all his records when I started DJing in the early 80's, plus I did buy a lot of 50's, 60's and 70's records in second-hand shops thru the late 70's and all thru the 80's. I started DJing in bars & clubs in 1985 and continued doing so until about 3 years ago when reluctantly I had to give up being a venue DJ a couple of nights a week in order to devote even more time to my ever expanding disco business.

Photo #13: Also up in my rumpus room is a complete DJ console with 2 x Technics SL1200 turntables, a Gemini 8 channel DJ mixer with sampler and a Pioneer CMX3000 twin CD player, plus a microphone & set of DJ headphones. So I hope you can see that I truly am a "real" DJ :) And so are ALL of my other DJs!

Quotes from customer testimonials about our MUSIC and our HUGE REQUEST BOOK.

(You) gave me so much more music information than any of the other companies. A couple of my girlfriends helped me choose the music and they said your music charts were way better than they got sent to them for their parties (by other disco companies). {21st birthday DJ hire}

We must have picked the right songs because everyone raved about the music. This was mainly due to the very comprehensive lists you supplied us with. I can't emphasise enough how helpful they were. We did get several other companies lists, but they were all ridiculously small compared to yours.
{50th birthday party DJ hire}

We had contacted six mobile DJ services and found your organisation to be the only one to supply such a wide range of information, references & such a large variety & range of music to choose from. {
21st birthday party disc jockey}

Garry provided us exceptional music range. Never in my experience of dealing with DJs have I been able to choose from a music range as large and comprehensive. Better still, unlike other DJs we have had, he nearly always had the music with him. {
A semi-regular university gig for 3 years}

Melanie thought your Request Book was fantastic - one of her friends had her 18th with another disco company 2 weeks ago. She said their request list was a complete joke compared to yours, and she said they only
gave her 2 lights and no smoke machine. {18th birthday DJ hire}

The music was spot on and everyone had an absolute ball. Thanks to Nick for his non-stop
performance. {40th birthday}

All the music we requested was played, and the mix was fantastic. {
Wedding DJ hire}

The evening was a great success, great venue, great food, but all would have been a major flop without your fantastic music. {
40th birthday}

Throughout the evening the music was perfect, with the dance-floor the focal point for most of the evening. {
18th birthday disc jockey}

The music selection lists you provided us with were fantastic, plus you even tracked down some of Phil's eclectic tastes for him - the Johnny Cash stuff, the Pogues, the Stone Roses etc which you then kindly gave to your DJ out of your own personal collection. {
Wedding Reception DJ hire Melbourne}

You were so right about the music making the whole of the night. {
21st birthday Melbourne DJ hire}

As far as Sarah is concerned, the way your fantastic Music Request Book allowed her to pick all her favourites, & then how (your DJ) Jim put all those songs together, was the key to the party's success. {
18th birthday DJ hire Melbourne}

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