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                                   Genuine Bar/Club Disco Lighting Effects - no cheap plastic LEDs!

As you can see from the picture here at the top of this page, which is of guests dancing at a Ball/Dinner Dance at "Melrose Receptions" in Tullamarine, (where we have also done MANY Wedding DJ Hires in their 3 different function rooms) we provide stunning club standard lighting effects plus accessories (including our set of 3 perspex-fronted light-boxes) at EVERY function. In fact, there are ELEVEN different disco lighting effects included as standard in EVERY SINGLE ONE of our mobile disco systems. We really do provide BY FAR the best mobile disco lighting in Melbourne. And our DJ has a switching panel with separate "on/off" switches for EVERY ONE of these lights so he can constantly change "the look" every few minutes throughout your function.


Included in these ELEVEN disco lights are NINE motorised lighting effects!

That is, they ALL have internal motors which drive them to make some form of movement - spinning, tumbling, rotating etc. And of these NINE motorised lighting effects SIX of them are "intelligent" lighting effects (that is, their beams actually make their moves to the beat or pulse of the music) plus we also provide a high-powered strobe and a 1.2m UV tube in EVERY one of our complete DJ hire packages.


This is MUCH, MUCH MORE lighting than ANY, repeat ANY, other Melbourne Mobile DJ Hire company provides, plus EVERY other Melbourne mobile disco hire company charges $45 to $60 EXTRA for a fog or smoke machine hire, but we INCLUDE one in the price of EVERY one of our disco system hires.


LED lights


Over the past couple of years you have probably noticed that all traffic lights are gradually being converted to LED lights, and even some of the latest cars are now also using LEDs as tail-lights. And for THOSE uses that is a good thing - LEDs are quite cheap and they do last a LOT longer than conventional globes. However, there are now also a range of cheap plastic LED disco lights being produced, so quite a few Melbourne mobile disco & dj hire companies are starting to use them because of those two reasons - because they are so cheap and so long-lasting. BUT - LEDs are NOWHERE NEAR as bright as the halogen globe powered "proper" bar/club disco lighting effects we provide PLUS LEDs don't have ANYTHING LIKE the HUGE range of 14 or 15 dichroic colours that all our "proper" disco lights can put out - in fact most LEDs can only put out red, dark blue and green - just THREE colours. So being A LOT LESS bright & being so LIMITED in their colour range, LED disco lights are pretty disappointing.


Does Good Lighting Really Have That Much Effect?


Unfortunately, some people TOTALLY UNDERESTIMATE the importance of good disco hire lighting (yet it really does have a HUGE effect on the overall atmosphere at ANY function). Good disco lighting creates a great atmosphere in ANY venue - it excites people, lifts their mood, lures them onto the dance-floor etc. With all of the Melbourne DJ hire companies who only provide just two basic lights, quite often you can't even turn off the "normal" venue lights in the function room, because then there would not even be enough light to see properly, so guests could quite easily trip over each other and/or the furniture, which is a serious Public Liability issue for ANY venue - so lots of venues just WON'T LET YOU turn off all their "normal" lights IF your DJ only comes with minimal lighting.  This means that with ALL those Melbourne mobile dj companies who only bring 2 lights you have no choice but to leave the very bright "normal" room lights on  ALL NIGHT - or at best the venue lights can be just slightly dimmed, and that's only IF they actually have dimmers - so with all these disco hire companies bringing only two lights, you don't really have ANY chance of creating a real "party" atmosphere.


So it's not hard to see why having lots of good dj lighting effects with lots of colour & movement really does create LOTS of atmosphere, while it's also easy to see that minimal lighting means minimal colour & movement, and consequently MINIMAL atmosphere. There is actually one Melbourne DJ hire & disco hire company saying on their web-site that lighting is not really important - funnily enough that company only provides TWO cheap party lights with their system - surprise surprise! So NO WONDER they try to convince people that party lighting isn't important!


IMPORTANT NOTE: High-powered modern bar/club lights actually generate a LOT of heat, so they can only be left on for a maximum of about 15 minutes, or motors can burn out and wiring can even melt, or solder joints come undone, so after they have been on for say 12 to 15 minutes, then they absolutely MUST BE TURNED OFF for 12 to 15 minutes to cool down, BEFORE they can be used again.


That is why disco hire companies MUST provide at least two lights (actually, they would like to get away with only buying ONE light if they could). But they need to have two so that one of them can be turned off & cooling down while the other one is turned on. So that's why TWO lights is the absolute bare minimum party lighting any mobile DJ company can get away with - and sadly JUST THE TWO LIGHTS is all that NINE out of TEN Melbourne mobile dj hire companies provide.


Since all of these MANY mobile disco companies that only give you two lights can only ever have ONE light on at a time, then as we already said, providing two disco lights is obviously the absolute minimum number ANY disco company can get away with having to buy. When it comes to their lighting, they ALL want to spend as little as possible. This "cost cutting" is also the main factor in why so many of them just use a laptop and cheap plastic speakers - it saves them MANY THOUSANDS of dollars in the cost of putting a "proper" system together using genuine club standard sound equipment nd disco lighting.


But we are the TOTAL OPPOSITE! We believe in giving our customers "the real deal" - nothing but the highest quality, professional bar/club lighting - and LOTS of it, in order to generate as much atmosphere as possible to help get your guests "involved" and have a great time! That's why with EVERY one of our disco hire systems we provide ELEVEN "high tech" disco lights, plus a set of 3 perspex-fronted light-boxes and a 64 pattern chaser to run them, as well as a fog or smoke machine (which in total is more than $5,000 worth of dj lighting and associated effects).


We don't use our eleven lighting effects much during the initial "Food and Formalities" part of ANY function. It's only AFTER all formalities are over, and the venue dims their lights down, that it is appropriate to use many of our disco lights, and then we ALWAYS have 4 or 5 of our lights on, which provides HEAPS of moving coloured beams in lots of different colours, different shapes and different patterns, all moving to the beat of the music and being thrown all over the dance-floor and onto the dancing guests, as well as all around the walls and the ceiling of the venue room.


As mentioned earlier, we also include a fog machine in our price! (Some people call them smoke machines) and they top off the overall effect by highlighting & accentuating all of our high-tech lighting. ALL other Melbourne DJ hire companies DON'T include a fog machine in their price. They ALL charge $45 to $60 extra for their fog machines.


You can see the fantastic effect that fog machines create in many of the photos in our "Photo Gallery". So if you haven't already looked at the 90 or so function photos in our Photo Gallery, please click on the link below to check it all out.

Link to our Photo Gallery page, with over 130 photos taken at every possible type of function.

Quotes from customer "thank yous" about our high tech disco lighting effects




Between all my friends, about 20 of us have now had our 21st birthdays using a DJ, but NONE of them brought anywhere near as much lighting as you guys did. Actually, your mobile DJ setup was awesome and it wasn't just the number of lights, it was the fact that they were all proper DJ disco lights like you promised. The room looked totally awesome.  {21st-birthday DJ hire}   




At the actual party your disco system and lighting were just brilliant. All your different lights were definitely nightclub standard. The companies my friends had only gave them one or two lights and none of them were anything like yours.{21st-birthday DJ hire}




My guests were also very impressed with your disco lighting. I didn't know how much difference it could make to the whole atmosphere but I sure do now! It was SOOO much better than anything we have seen at other parties.{21st birthday party DJ hire}




Then there was the "Light Show" - wow - just fantastic, it created a wonderful atmosphere for the kids - they absolutely loved it.{21st birthday DJ hire}




The music, lights and smoke machine were first class - everything you promised in your literature was delivered - a truly awesome mobile disco service! {!8th birthday mobile DJ & disco}




... the whole evening was a complete success - great music, and your fantastic sound and lighting etc. It would not  have been anywhere near as good without all the lights. They really did add so much to the overall "vibe". {Combined engagement and 21st birthday disco hire}




The sensational lighting that came with it created exactly the right atmosphere. It helped make everybody get up to dance just like you had promised us that it would. {Wedding DJ hire}




Thank you for providing your sensational disco lights and sound for my 21st. I had the best night of  my life.{21st birthday DJ hire}




I just didn't realise how much your great lighting would affect the feel of the whole night until it all happened. Everyone absolutely loved it! {50th birthday disco hire}




One couple who couldn't make it to the party commented on how spectacular your DJ stage lighting looked in our videos of the party.{21st birthday DJ hire}




The DJ music, sound & awesome lighting made the party a huge success.{40th birthday DJ hire}




A fantastic light show - by far the best mobile DJ lighting system we have ever seen. {Engagement party DJ hire}




All the disco lighting effects gave a really great atmosphere. {Uni function DJ hire}




Your lights & mobile DJ equipment were fantastic. {School Formal DJ hire}



We have had nothing but great comments on the music, and your sensational DJ party lighting hire system etc.{21st birthday DJ hire}




You guys really delivered, the music, the DJ lighting equipment, the atmosphere were all awesome!.{21st birthday DJ hire}




Everyone commented on the great selection of music & lighting used!{21st birthday DJ hire}




The music, lighting & atmosphere was all fantastic.{30th birthday DJ hire}




Your whole mobile disco set-up with all your fantastic disco lighting and the smoke machine was exactly what Melanie wanted. The whole atmosphere was fantastic with all the kids dancing non-stop all night. {18th Birthday DJ hire Melbourne}

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