Questions People ask about Hiring a DJ in Melbourne


  1. I/We have been to some functions where the DJ only played the music and didn't  talk  at all. Will your DJ talk on the microphone throughout the night?

Answer: Yes - if a mobile DJ doesn't talk at all it really can make any function a bit boring and monotonous, but ALL of our DJs, since they have ALL worked as resident pub/club DJs, have therefore had to constantly use the microphone to promote upcoming events, announce drink specials, run competitions, and so much more in the pubs/clubs they have worked in. Apart from saying a brief welcome & introducing himself, our DJs don't talk much for the first hour or so during any of the background music that you may have requested, that would be a bit intrusive. However once any/all formalities are over and the partying starts then your DJ will "liven things up" by making some brief comment 4 or 5 times per hour - generally when doing things like changing the music style etc. Their frequent/consistent use of microphones at their pub/club gigs has resulted in ALL our DJs being very much at ease - confident and relaxed - when using a microphone. They are also very well-spoken, since over time all pub/club DJs tend to develop a sort of "radio voice" in much the same way as lots of people develop a "telephone voice".

 2. So can your DJs compere events and generally help things run smoothly?

Answer: Naturally. Some people call this ability to compere on the microphone "MCing" (MC is short for Master of Ceremonies) and in this capacity EVERY ONE of our DJs knows how to assist our customers to run all sorts of events - from helping to organise the speeches and introductions at fairly informal functions - like birthday parties, engagements etc, thru to helping compere/run events at balls, charity auctions and sporting club presentation nights and so on, right thru to more formal functions like Wedding Receptions where our DJs all know what all of the various events are that need to take place, and what order those events normally go in. They introduce the Bridal Party, organise and compere the cake-cutting, then later organise and introduce each person taking part in the speeches, and if any of the speakers want any advice beforehand as to who needs to say what etc etc then our DJs are able to provide that advice. They also introduce the Bridal Dance and then organise who joins in and when, and later in the evening they can organise the tossing of both the Bouquet and the Garter, & then run the Farewell Circle. Plus they also make all the normal "housekeeping" announcements on behalf of the venue, such as advising when meals are coming out etc. This "MCing" by our DJs is provided at no extra charge, unlike most other disco companies who charge an EXTRA FEE if you want a DJ who can actually MC. A few examples are feelg00d events who charge $150:00 if you want their DJ to MC for you, Te@mX who charge $100 extra, while p@rtymus!c charge $95:00 for MC services. The very clear conclusion we can draw from this is that all the "standard" DJs these companies normally provide MUST be very inexperienced if they don't have enough confidence or experience to use a microphone and MC for you. So obviously the ONLY time these companies would provide a FULLY EXPERIENCED DJ for you is when you DO require MCing (and therefore PAY EXTRA for it) - and then that more experienced DJ gets the extra money they charge. But if you DON'T want their DJ to MC and therefore you DON'T pay any extra and just get one of their "standard" DJs, then surely you would have to ask yourself if they are so inexperienced that they can't even use a microphone, are they going to be any good at the actual DJing??? Or will they be awkward and amateurish at that as well? A scary thought!!


3. Why don't you have your music list up on your web-site for us to print out?

Answer: Those companies who put up music lists on their web-sites are happy to do so because their music lists are really nothing special. They are ALL quite small, & very limited in the styles and eras of music they cover. SO THEY HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE by putting them on their web-sites, thereby making them freely available to absolutely everyone & anyone to download - and of course this would include ANY/ALL other disco companies who could easily copy them and then pass them off as their own.


But NOT ONE other Melbourne disco company has a music list ANYWHERE NEAR as large, detailed and comprehensive as ours - and we want to keep it that way so naturally we DON'T want that list copied by other companies, which could easily happen if it was available on our web-site.


Our music list is absolutely the MOST detailed, MOST heavily researched, and BY FAR the BIGGEST of ANY disco company in Melbourne. We currently send out OVER NINETY A4 PAGES of music charts and lists for our customers to choose from in the STANDARD music info set that we post out to every customer. Full details of EXACTLY what lists and charts are in this Music Request Book are in the free info pack we will send out after you call our office. Those 90+ pages are at least FIVE TIMES MORE PAGES of music info than even the NEXT biggest list provided by ANY of the other Melbourne disco companies. Actually, in most cases our list is anything from FIVE TO TEN TIMES bigger than the lists provided by ANY other company. Some companies pad their lists out by filling them up with all sorts of obscure album tracks, but ALL the songs on the 90+ A4 size pages in our standard Music Request Book are ALL songs that were actually released as singles - so ALL those songs on our lists are true "hit" songs.

We even have lots more EXTRA music info you can ask us for as well -  all the Melbourne charts for the 30 years 1960 to 1989 (including lists of the Top 120 hits in order of popularity for each and every one of those 30 years) plus all the Sydney charts covering 1956 to 1959, along with some info from the US "Billboard" charts from 1955 to 1959. So in addition to our standard package of more than 90 pages of music info, we can also provide specific music lists for any/all types and styles of music from all different eras to suit functions aimed at any age groups of guests from 8 to 80. ALL the songs on these 70 EXTRA A4 size pages that cover 1955 to 1989 are also ALL songs that were actually released as singles - so ALL these songs are true "hit" songs as well - and once again, these lists are not made bigger by padding them out with lots of obscure album tracks in the way most other companies do.  These older lists are great for theme parties like "Saturday Night Fever/70's Disco" nights, or 80's theme nights, or "Grease/Rock & Roll" theme nights and so on.


4. How can your music list be so much bigger than any other disco company's list?

Answer: The key determining factor in how big (and how comprehensive) ANY disco company's music list can be is this - EVERY SINGLE SONG a company puts onto their list, then obviously ALL their DJs have to be able to supply that song for you. It would be just plain stupid of them to put out lists containing lots of songs that their DJs did not have, because THEN they would get lots of complaints from their customers that the DJ didn't have the songs they picked. THAT IS WHY A LOT OF THE OTHER DISCO COMPANIES MUSIC LISTS ARE SO SMALL - they don't want their DJs "caught out" so they "play if safe" and keep their lists small. HOWEVER, since our DJs have all done YEARS of work as proper venue DJs in bars/clubs (unlike the "apprentice" or "hobby" DJs all the other companies provide) then naturally our DJs music collections are HUGE - and we do mean FIFTEEN TO TWENTY times bigger than the music collections of those "apprentice" and/or "hobby" type mobile DJs that all the other companies employ. As the owner of this company, and as a pub/club DJ for almost 20 years, I can tell you that my personal music collection contains over 100,000 tracks of all different music types & styles, and from all eras - 20's, 30's, 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, & from Y2K to even NEXT weeks charts - in fact, thru our connections with all the major record companies, we have songs so new they haven't even charted yet, both new radio songs & new club tracks. So that is why we are able to provide so much more music info than ANY other company - because ALL our pub/club experienced DJs CAN provide the HUGE amount of songs in our standard 100 page Music Request Book since they all have music collections which are just so extensive and so varied - unlike the small, very limited collections that all the other companies "apprentice" &"hobby" DJs have.

  5. When does the disco system get set up?

Answer: In 90 per cent of cases your DJ will also be the one bringing the mobile disco equipment, so depending on the venue access, they normally arrive about an hour and a quarter before the starting time you have marked on the Booking Sheet you filled out, to make sure they have music playing when your first guests start arriving. For upstairs venues, they will need to arrive an hour and a half before the scheduled start time. If however your function turns out to be one of the 10 per cent or so where the equipment will be set up earlier in the day by someone other than the actual DJ, then we shall be in contact with you and/or your venue to organise delivery.


6. Does the DJ provide a microphone for the speeches?

Answer: Actually our DJs all carry TWO microphones, the first one is of course for you the customer to use to make any speeches and/or presentations you wish to make during your function. Naturally this means if you (or one or more of your guests) are making speeches 3 or 4 metres out in front of the disco system then that first microphone is not within reach of the DJ. So that is why we provide a second microphone. This is so that our DJ can still make introductions and generally run events during your formalities (speeches, presentations etc), without any awkward silences arising. Other mobile disco companies only provide ONE microphone, which means that if the DJ is to make introductions etc, then the microphone has to be passed back and forth from DJ to first speaker then back again to the DJ, then back to the second speaker and so on. Even if the DJ is not actually introducing each speaker in turn, in which case the microphone is being passed directly from the first speaker to the next and so on, these awkward silences will still happen because most of your guests who are speaking will NOT be used to using a microphone at all, and of course they may quite understandably be a little nervous or apprehensive, so if only ONE microphone is provided the DJ is then unable to cover the awkward silences that WILL happen since he doesn't have the microphone within reach. This is very clumsy and unprofessional - which is EXACTLY why we provide TWO microphones.

NOTE RE OUR OPTIONAL CORDLESS MICROPHONES: Remember, if your speeches or presentations need to be made more than 3 or 4 metres away from the disco system, such as at Wedding Receptions (where it looks much "classier" to make your speeches right there at the Bridal Table) or at charity auctions, or sporting club presentations etc, then our standard 4.5 metre microphone leads won't reach that far. For these situations you can hire a "top of the range" $500 cordless microphone from us at an extra cost of only $30. (Other companies charge anything from $65 to $85 for IDENTICAL cordless microphones). An example of this is p@rtymus!c who charge $85 if you need/want a cordless microphone.


7. Can the DJ stay longer if I/we want him to?

Answer: Yes of course. Our DJs love getting "overtime" - it just makes the whole event even more worthwhile for them. But naturally this will depend on your venue and whether they can allow this - for example in some venues liquor licences or noise restrictions may stop you from extending. But assuming these factors are OK, then let your DJ know AT LEAST 10 minutes before he is due to finish that you want him to continue, otherwise he may start playing his usual "goodnight" songs, and generally winding things down.


  8. Do your DJs have some sort of dress standard?

Answer: Yes our DJs are expected to dress "smartly" at all times - but just how formally or informally that is will vary depending on the nature of the function. For example, if we are providing the entertainment at an "after match" night at a suburban football club, then you would naturally expect the DJ to be fairly casually dressed - just like the guests would be. It would be silly to send a DJ in a jacket, collar and tie to such a function - he would look totally out of place - some of the guests might even give him a hard time! The same applies for say 18th birthday parties or school socials, which are also generally fairly informal. Naturally School Formals (as distinct from "School Socials") require a much more formal mode of dress, as do Wedding Receptions and  Dinner Dances/Balls - in all these situations the DJ WOULD be expected to wear a jacket, collar and tie. However, most functions actually fall somewhere in between the very informal and the fairly formal - to most of these our DJs would wear what we define as "smart casual" - everything must be neat and clean - no T-shirts with holes in them - to even the most casual functions, we instruct our DJs to wear good quality "polo" shirts and neat casual pants or "good" jeans (no faded, worn or ripped jeans), and "good" shoes (no running shoes - not even expensive ones). But please always take into account that the DJ is NOT there as a guest - he is a "worker" and therefore he will dress like a "worker" because obviously he must be as comfortable and relaxed as possible in order to do the best possible job for you. The DJ is NOT the star of the show - the music is the focus.

  9. Can we ask the DJ to play some of our own CD's?

Answer: Sure you can. You can bring anything you like in the way of your own music - not only can we play your CDs, but provided you ring our office to organise the right equipment, then we can even play your old cassette tapes or vinyl records for you. HOWEVER, please bear in mind that since our DJs all have YEARS of pub/club experience behind them, then naturally their collections are very large and very comprehensive. We would be very surprised if you had anything in the way of popular "hit" songs since 1956 that at least one of our DJs does not already have. Even though we provide our customers with BY FAR the largest and most varied music list of any Melbourne disco company for them to choose from, between all of our DJs we still have far, far more music in our collections than even our more than 90+ pages standard Music Request Book can detail. So feel free to phone our office to ask about any other songs/artists you may need that you can't find on our charts/lists. Then if you should happen to want some slightly more obscure music which our office then tells you that none of our DJs has, then by all means bring your music along. Make a list of any CDs (or cassettes or records) that you do bring, and get the DJ to sign that list as he receives that music from you - this is just for your peace of mind. Also, please attach a "Post-It" note to each CD you bring, detailing the track(s) you want the DJ to play.

 10. What about if we want some music from the country our family originally came from?

Answer: We have DJs of many different nationalities/ethnic origins who can provide: Greek music (both modern Greek "bar music" and/or traditional music from all the various regions of Greece) Italian music (again, both modern and traditional) Macedonian music (both from the Greek side and the Slavic side) plus some Serbian music and even some Croatian and some Bosnian music as well as Lebanese, Turkish & Egyptian Arabic music, some Armenian music, some Russian music, some Israeli music (including Jewish horahs etc)  & some South American music. So feel free to give our office a call, tell us what you need, and then we can discuss whatever special music you would like our DJ to provide plus we can post you out photocopies of lots of CD covers of most of these different international music types/styles. 

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