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Our Wedding DJs Melbourne & Wedding MCs Melbourne

We have been providing our very experienced & very professional Melbourne Wedding DJs,

Wedding MCs & highest quality mobile disco systems all over Victoria since 1988.

We've provided our Melbourne Wedding DJs/MCs & Melbourne mobile disco systems


at over 2,500 Melbourne Wedding Receptions all over Melbourne & suburbs

as well as into the Yarra Valley, all down the Mornington Peninsula, and in fact all over Victoria.



       BEFORE THEY DECIDE whether or not they wish to book our services for their


Wedding Reception, prospective customers are MORE THAN WELCOME to come to our

main Admin Office for a "no obligation" meeting with our Managing Director so that they can

get LOTS of details about our services & ask ANY questions AT ALL, about our Wedding

DJs Melbourne OR our sound systems, OR our lighting, OR our music request lists etc etc.






AT THAT MEETING they can also inspect our standard 95+ page Music Request Book

which contains all the official end-of year charts from 1990 up to 2012, plus a list

of the biggest songs of 2014 so far (which we update every week).



It also contains the current week's Top 100 for those who want some very new music.



Potential customers can also look thru our 4 page list of over 250 great Wedding Reception

 "background" songs to be played at low volume during the serving and consumption of the

Entree & the Main Course and subsequent clearing of plates, cutlery etc. Over the years,

many Wedding couples have told us the "background music" is actually MUCH harder to

 choose than the "dancey" stuff, so we created this 4 page "background music" list

to make that task a LOT easier.


Our main 100 page Request Book also contains the current week's Top 100 (as mentioned

above), plus the current week's Dance, R&B & Club charts for customers wanting a bit

of very up to date music at their Wedding Reception (which we find that MOST of our

Wedding couples do - no matter whether they are in their 20's, 30's, 0r 40's).



Then it also contains a list of 160 "retro" songs which are widely regarded as the "all-time

 party classics". They are mainly from the 70's & 80's but there are a few 50's & 60's tracks

 as well. It would take almost 10 hours to play all of these 160 songs, so in most cases

that should be more than enough to choose from.



BUT for anyone wanting a LOT more choice of 60's, 70's and 80's hits, THEN we also have

an extra 70 page request book containing the 120 biggest songs of EACH YEAR in order

of popularity for the 35 individual years 1955 to 1989 (or just tell us how far you want the info

 to go back) - so each year takes up 2 pages with the biggest hit songs of that year

 numbered in order of popularity from 1 to 120.


So ANY customer who does book with us, and who wants BOTH Request Books
will then get more than 170 pages of music lists and charts to go through and choose from.

                 NOT ONE other Melbourne Wedding Reception Venue Mobile DJ Hire company has

               ANYTHING LIKE this HUGE 150+ pages of music info available. The biggest request list

             we know of ANY other company providing is LESS THAN 20 PAGES- so CLEARLY you get

              A LOT LESS MUSIC to choose from with EVERY other Melbourne DJ Hire company.









                      WHAT ELSE DO WE PROVIDE TO ASSIST YOU?


         After your deposit arrives we send out our “Wedding Reception Procedures/Order

         Of Events & Other General Advice” document, which consists of 2 FULL A4 pages

        of info, comprising 30 separate points/details on what happens at a Wedding

        Reception - what choices you have, who the usual speakers are (and in what order),

        what an MC’s duties are, what all the events are that happen during a Reception,

        and who has to do what and when, plus HEAPS more detail that LOTS of our customers

         have told us was SO helpful to them.


         We also send out copies of 15 “Running Sheets” from previous customers Wedding Receptions

         to help you prepare your own “Running Sheet”.



EVERY COUPLE who books our disco services for their Wedding Reception DJ


can also have another ONE HOUR MEETING with our Managing Director at our main admin office



a week or so before their function IF THEY WISH TO on the other hand,



many customers simply prefer to go over all final details with a comprehensive discussion over the phone






Mostly these discussions are about all the small but very important details such as:


  • 1. Going over their "Running Sheet",
         Which is a timetable of events (what is happening and at what time thru the course of the evening that they will have worked out with the Function Manager/Co-ordinator at the venue,
    who should then have given them a copy of that "Running Sheet" (and we will need a copy as well)!!

  • 2. Going over their completed Music Request Booklet.
      Plus discussing any other special songs they want during the Reception.

  • 3. Dealing with any pronunciation issues
         Names of any family or Bridal Party members that our Wedding DJ will be required to introduce (if he is the MC).

  • 4. Handling ANY other issues at all
         That the customers and/or their family may wish to discuss.

  •    All our customers will also get to "touch base" with their Wedding DJ in the week before their function, and be able to discuss any issues with him as well if they wish.


PROFESSIONAL WEDDING MCS - MASTER OF CEREMONIES (which is included at no charge)


EVERY ONE of our very experienced,  professional Wedding Reception DJs is very familiar


with all of the various events that need to take place, as well as what order those events normally go in.

They introduce the Bridal Party, organise and compere the cake-cutting,

then later organise and introduce each person taking part in the speeches,

and if any of the speakers want any advice beforehand as to who needs to say what etc etc

then our
very experienced Melbourne Wedding DJs


are more than happy to provide that advice on the spot.

Our professional Wedding DJs also introduce the Bridal Dance and then organise who joins in and when,

then later in the evening they organise the tossing of both the Bouquet and the Garter,

& then organise and run the Farewell Circle.

Plus our Wedding DJs/MCs also make all the normal "housekeeping" announcements on behalf of your venue,

such as advising when meals are coming out, asking people to resume their seats etc.

This "MCing" by our Wedding DJs is provided AT NO EXTRA CHARGE

unlike NEARLY ALL other disco companies who charge an EXTRA FEE if you want a DJ

who has actually had enough DJ experience to be capable, confident and well-spoken as your MC.


There are several Melbourne Wedding DJ companies who charge EXTRA for their mobile Wedding DJs to MC !

A few examples (there are many others as well) are Feelg00d events who charge $150 extra if you want their DJ to MC for you,

Te@m X charges $100, while at P@rtymus! they charge $95 extra for Wedding MC services.

The very clear conclusion we can draw from this is that all the "standard" DJs these companies normally provide

MUST be very inexperienced DJs

if they don't even have enough confidence or experience to speak into a microphone and MC for you.

So obviously
the ONLY time these companies would provide a fully experienced "proper" DJ for you

is when you do require MCing and therefore you pay the EXTRA amount they charge

- and then that more experienced Wedding DJ MC gets the extra money.



So if you DON'T want/need their mobile DJ to MC and so you DON'T pay ANY extra

THEREFORE you just get one of their inexperienced "hobby" DJs

that they obviously pay quite a lot LESS to.

So THEN you need to ask yourself

if they are so inexperienced that they can't even use a microphone,

are they going to be any good at the actual DJing??

OR are they going to be awkward and amateurish at that as well???

And isn't that a scary thought!!



Because we do SO MANY Wedding Receptions in & around Melbourne, we really have come to know LOTS about them,


so you truly can rely on us for really good, really helpful advice.

You are only doing this once, so it's all new to you,


whereas we do over 150 Wedding Receptions a year!!

We are here to help - and naturally we want it all to be a HUGE success just as much as you do -

since our reputation is at stake.

Just from a purely business point of view, all our Brides & Grooms have as guests at their Wedding Reception

AT LEAST one other couple (more often 2 or even 3 other couples) who are getting married in the next year or so -


so we want THEM to be impressed so that we get their booking AS WELL!

That can't happen unless we do a great job for YOU.

Give us a call and let's have a totally "no obligation" general chat about your

 Melbourne Wedding Reception DJ requirements


and all the various events that go on and who does what & when etc -

as stated above, we do over 150 Wedding Receptions each year,

so we've seen HEAPS of times what works well, and sadly some things that don't seem to ever work.

We are happy to answer ALL SORTS of questions about EVERYTHING that happens at Wedding Receptions,

NOT just about the music side of things.

As stated above, we have provided our Wedding DJs Melbourne and mobile disco hire systems

at more than 2,500 Wedding Receptions all over Melbourne

from outer suburban venues like "Silver Birches" & "Werribee Mansion" to the South West of Melbourne,

up to "Witchmount",  "Windmill Gardens", "Ultima" & "Overnewton Castle" to the North & North West,
plus to the North East "Potters Receptions" in Warrandyte, "Inglewood" in Kangaroo Ground
& further out into the Yarra Valley many wineries such as
"DeBortolis", "Immerse", "Chateau Yering",  "Fergussons", "Train Track",
"Rustic Charm At Wild Cattle Creek"
& so many more.

Then down to the South East, "Summerfield House" at Bittern, "Stillwater At Crittendens" in Dromana,
across to the RACV's "Cape Schanck Resort" on the Westernport Bay coast & right down South to the
"Rosebud Golf & Country Club" & the "Portsea Hotel".

That should show you that we are happy to go ANYWHERE!
In fact even FURTHER out into rural Victoria we have also been to
Daylesford (many times), Phillip Island (several times), Shepparton (a few times),
Port Fairy, Sale, Beechworth, Echuca/Moama, the "Crowne Plaza" at Torquay and MANY more rural towns.

Then of course there are the more "normal" suburban type venues, some of which are listed below.

Here's about 100 of the most well-known Wedding Reception venues that we have performed

at in and around the so-called "Greater Melbourne Area" three or more times over the past 3 or 4 years.

In our "Photo Gallery" are photos taken at 9 or 10 of these Wedding Reception Venues

Actually for quite a few of these venues we are in their recommended Melbourne Wedding DJ company lists.
Amstel Golf Club, Cranbourne (several times, both rooms) Ranfurlie Golf Club, Cranbourne (a few times)
Lakeside Receptions, Taylors Lakes (many times, all 3 rooms) Taylors Lakes Hotel & Function Centre (many times, all 3 rooms)
Hawthorn Receptions (many times) The Eagle Bar, Latrobe Uni (many times)
Regina, Reservoir (a few times) Malvern Valley Receptions, Malvern (many times both rooms)
Luxor, Taylors Lakes (a few times both rooms) Melbourne Airport Club, Tullamarine (a few times)
The Sovereign, Northcote (a few times) Melbourne Zoo (many times)
Melrose Receptions, Tullamarine (many times all 3 rooms) Montsalvat, Eltham (many times)
Norwood House, Mt Eliza (many times) Morning Star Estate, Mt Eliza (a few times)
Pin Oak, Hallam (a few times) Sheraton Towers, Southgate (a few times)
Silver Birches, Werribee (several times) Grand International, Dandenong (many times)
The Werribee Mansion, (a few times) Werribee Park Zoo (a few times)
Brighton Savoy (many times in all 3 rooms) The International of Brighton (many times in both rooms)
Quat Quatta, Ripponlea (many times) Merrimu, Murrumbeena (many times in both rooms)
Atlantic (& Sumac), South Wharf and Docklands (many times) Nine Darling Street, Sth Yarra (many times)
Events Warehouse, South Wharf (many times) Rivers, South Wharf (couple of times)
Roselyn Court, Essendon (many times all 3 rooms) Lyrebird Falls, Kallista (several times)
Elizabethan Lodge, Blackburn (many times) Princess Court, Mulgrave (several times)
Beaumaris Pavilion (several times) The Point, Albert Park (many times, upstairs & downstairs)
Clarion Hotel On Canterbury, Forest Hill (several times) Lloma, Gardenvale/Brighton (many times)
Lincoln Of Toorak (many times) The Gables, Malvern (several times)
Dickens Manor, Elwood (many times) Camelot, Clayton (many times)
The Mandalay, Northcote (a few times) Ascot House, Ascot Vale (many times both rooms)
Edenhope, Moonee Ponds (a few times) Butleigh Wooton, Kew (a few times)
Amberlee Receptions, Cranbourne (a few times) Plenty Ranges, Sth Morang (many times in many rooms)
Aylesbury Function Rooms, Brighton (couple of times) Wattle Park Chalet, Surrey Hills (a few times)
Eden On the Park, Queens Rd (couple of times) Bayview On the Park, Queens Rd (a few times)
Brand Receptions, Forest Hill (a few times) Overnewton Castle, Keilor (several times)
Bram Leigh Receptions, Croydon (many times) De Bortoli Winery, Dixons Creek (a few times)
Carlton Crest Hotel, Queens Rd (many times) Melbourne Town Hall (a few times)
Eltham Community & Reception Centre (many times both rooms) Zinc at Federation Square (a few times)
Eagle Ridge Golf Course, Rosebud (couple of times) Doyle's Bridge Hotel, Mordialloc (many times)
St Kilda Town Hall (a few times) Emu Bottom, Sunbury (a few times)
501 Receptions Footscray (several times, all 4 rooms) Frankston International (a few times)
Tudor Court, Caulfield  (sadly, venue now closed, land sub-divided) La Mirage, Somerton (several times)
Caulfield Racecourse (many times, upstairs & downstairs) Grand Star Receptions, Altona (upstairs & downstairs)
Royal Brighton Yacht Club (many times - upstairs & downstairs) Royal Melbourne Yacht Club, St Kilda (a few times)
Beaumaris Motor Yacht Squadron (many times) Sandringham Yacht Club (many times)
Black Rock Yacht Club (many times) Altona Civic Receptions (a few times)
Terrace Receptions, Botanical Gardens (a few times) Manningham Club, Bulleen (several times)
Windmill Gardens, Rockbank (many times) York On Lilydale, Mt Evelyn (a few times)
Ultima, Keilor (many times, all rooms) The Manor On High, Epping (many times both rooms)
Roseville Ballroom, Essendon (many times) Brookwood Receptions, Thomastown (many times)
Casablanca, Cranbourne (a few times) Club Warrandyte (Warrandyte Hotel) (many times)
Woodlands Golf Club, Mordialloc (many times) Milano's Hotel, Brighton (many times, upstairs & downstairs)
Whitehall, Preston (couple of times) Windsor Hotel, City (a few times)
Victorian Club, Rialto Tower (Weddings & corporate functions) Greenacres Golf Club, East Kew (a few times)
Eureka 89 Southbank (Weddings and corporate functions) Summerfields, Bittern (many times)
Victoria Golf Club, Cheltenham (several times) Riversdale Golf Club, Mt Waverley (several times)
Linley Estate, Kilsyth (several times in all 3 rooms) Ranelagh Club, Mt Eliza (a few times)
Eastern Golf Club, Doncaster
(several times)
Riverlea Winery, Warrandyte Sth
(over 100 times 2006 to early 2010) Currently being renovated
Flemington Events, Flemington Racecourse
(Weddings and corporate functions)
Moonee Valley Functions at the Racecourse
(many times, Weddings & corporate functions)






There are also at least 300 OTHER suburban Wedding Reception venues where we have provided our Wedding DJ service & mobile disco  hire only once or twice,  

but we can't possibly list them all!


Then of course there are MANY couples who have their  Wedding Reception DJ hire


in pub function rooms, RSL Club function rooms (and Tabaret type venues),


or even sporting clubrooms, Community Centres, School Halls, Church Halls and more.

There must be several hundred venues for Wedding Receptions like this

in the "Greater Melbourne Metropolitan Area"
that our Wedding DJs & MCs have performed at over the years.

Whatever your wedding venue there is a 95% chance we have been there BEFORE & know it well.

We have also performed at quite a few Wedding Receptions in private homes in marquees etc.

















With many couples having their ceremony “on-site” these days in the gardens/grounds


at their Reception Venue, we are now being asked quite often to have our DJ arrive more


than 2 hours before the actual Reception starts INSIDE the venue, so that he can play the


songs the Bride & Groom have chosen for the various events during their ceremony,


as well as to play during the signing of the Registry.  Then once the Ceremony is finished


(most take about 30 minutes), our DJ can THEN play “cruisey” music outside during your


1 or 1.5 hour  (it varies from venue to venue) “pre-dinner drinks” period from immediately after the


Ceremony right up until the guests are asked to make their way into the main Reception Room


and find their seats. So in addition to our main disco system which he would have already set up


inside the Reception Venue BEFORE the Ceremony, our DJ will then also bring a second smaller system


 incorporating all the extra equipment shown below:





In the photo above, we have to the left a crate of leads & power-boards (plus a microphone & lead) sitting on top of the second


amplifier, then to the right of the leads crate we have a roadcase containing a two drawer dual CD player & a 4 channel DJ sound mixer


 with 2 microphone inputs. Then we have the second pair of speakers, with each TIMBER speaker cabinet containing a compression


 driven horn & a 12 inch bass speaker. To the right of the speakers is a collapsible table we set the system up on (which you can see


 fully set up further down).



NOTE: Our “Ceremony System” amplifier & speakers above cost over $3,000, PLUS those CD players & the DJ sound mixer are over


 $2,500 worth, so all up this "Ceremony System" has more than $5,500 worth of disco gear, which is up to $3,000 more than the TOTAL


 amount spent on their MAIN disco system by so MANY other DJ companies who are only supplying $800-1,000 laptops, with $800 plastic


 speakers & 2 cheap disco lights.


NOTE: Our crate of leads includes a 20 metre extension lead in case the power source is a fair distance from where you want our system set up, plus we can bring extra leads if needed.


Now here’s how this “Ceremony System” looks once it’s all set up. To the top right of the photo you can see the stem of a microphone


 stand, plus the bottom half of a microphone, with the lead hanging down, so YES, this second system does come with a microphone


 on a lead, and BOTH the microphone itself and the microphone stand are INCLUDED in the price. Once we set up the table for the CD


 players and sound mixer to sit on, we then wrap a black cloth around it to keep it all neat by hiding all the leads as well as the amplifier,


 which is positioned under the table on top of the plastic crate the leads came in. In this photo you can also see a cordless microphone


 sitting on top of the roadcase containing the CD players and sound mixer, while on top of the right-hand speaker is the cordless


 microphone’s transmitter. This cordless microphone & transmitter is an optional extra, since most celebrants already have their own


 cordless lapel microphone linked to their own small portable PA system, but just in case they don’t bring their own, we can add a


 cordless microphone into our second system for an extra $30.


Our standard system hire fee for this second disco system is $120, then there is a further $40 per half hour which goes to our DJ for


 whatever extra time you require his services. So if your Ceremony is to start 2 hours before the start of the actual Reception inside the


 venue, then your total extra cost would be $280 including both the system hire ($120) and the 2 hours DJ time ($160). Or if your


 Ceremony is only starting 1.5 hours before the start of the actual Reception inside the venue, then your total cost would be $240.


Here’s a close-up shot below of the DJ Sound Mixer (which has 4 sound source inputs, plus 2 x microphone inputs) and the Dual CD


 Player Controller.



If you do book this second system for your Ceremony, our DJ will get there about 1 hour & 45 minutes before the start time for your


Ceremony, so that he has an hour and 15 minutes to set up the main disco system inside the venue, then 20 minutes to set up the


second system for the Ceremony, then the final 10 minutes to change into his suit etc.


All that set up time (and the time taken to pack up after the Reception) IS NOT CHARGED FOR.


All set-up and dismantling time is already INCLUDED in our price quote.


After the DJ finishes playing music during the “pre-dinner drinks” period, he immediately goes inside the Reception room to where our


main disco system is already set up, and as the guests start to come in and find their tables he starts playing at a low volume a pre-


prepared CD of 4 or 5 of the “background songs” you have chosen, THEN he goes back outside to dismantle the outdoor system and


load it back into the van. This usually takes only 10 to 12 minutes, so that he is back in position behind the main disco system WELL


BEFORE the time you and your Bridal Party are scheduled to make your entrance. 



Since we first started this extra service just over 12 months ago, our Ceremony packages have now become very popular.


We have done them at the Royal Botanic Gardens, at several wineries, on the beach at StKilda outside the “West Beach Bathers Pavilion”,


and at quite a few suburban Reception venues with outdoor Ceremony areas in their gardens, so we have now put together 2 more systems,


meaning we now have 3 Ceremony systems available to cope with the increased demand.



Here are 2 photos of how these 2 new Ceremony Systems look:




These photos were taken at a Wedding Ceremony in the Foyer at “The International Of Brighton Receptions”



To have our FREE no obligation wedding DJ hire info package

(including LOTS of photos and a fully detailed written quote)

posted out to you by the NEXT BUSINESS DAY,

please call (03) 9785 7455


Our office is open 7 days per week - weekdays from 10AM, Sat and Sun from 12 midday, and phones are manned Mon to Thurs until 8PM and Fri to Sun until 6PM

Note: Copies of ALL testimonials quoted from (plus MANY more) are sent out with our standard info package, while the originals can be viewed at our office.

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